How to go to Hello Kitty Town / Legoland Malaysia from Singapore via Tuas

The simplest and most straightforward way to head to Hello Kitty Town or Legoland Malaysia from Singapore is to go via Tuas (2nd link). Both parks are within 5 minutes drive from each other.

[Hello Kitty Town via Woodlands, READ HERE.]

[Legoland via Woodlands, READ HERE.]

After clearing customs, it will only take you less than 10 minutes to reach Legoland and at most 15 minutes to reach Hello Kitty Town / Puteri Harbour Indoor Family Theme Park via TUAS.

NOTE – Instructions 1-4 apply to both Legoland and Hello Kitty Town. You will reach Legoland by Instruction 4. If you are going to Hello Kitty Town, then continue from 4 onwards.


1) After clearing the Malaysia customs, you will reach the toll booth.

If you have already have a “Touch n Go” card, just proceed to tap the card and pass the toll. But if you don’t have one, drive to the leftmost lane and buy a new card at the manned booth. (First time drivers to JB, read here.)

2) Within 2-3 minutes after passing the toll booth, you will see the brown Legoland sign. Follow the sign and exit at 312 Legoland (Nusajaya). (NOT GELANG PATAH) HK6

3) Continue to follow the Legoland sign regardless of whether you are going to Legoland or the Puteri Harbour Indoor Family Theme park. They both follow the same directions for now.


4) You will then reach a roundabout. Continue to follow Legoland/Puteri Harbour.

4. If you are going Legoland, make a left turn and you will reach your destination.

If you are going to Hello Kitty Town / Puteri Harbour Indoor Family Theme Park, drive straight ahead and follow signs to “Puteri Harbour”.

5. Keep going straight and follow the sign to “Puteri Harbour”. HK2

6) Within 1-2 minutes you will reach a small roundabout. Exit the roundabout at the 3′clock (Puteri Harbour) HK1

7) After that, you will need to make a LEFT turn.HK8

8. You will reach this small wooden guard house with big orange “walls” on both sides.Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour Indoor Family Theme Park

9. Look out for the building with a big red rectangle on your left. Make 2 left turns and you are there.Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour Indoor Family Theme Park

Drive towards the underground parking and get ready to have fun.

Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour Indoor Family Theme Park

I always thought they should hang a HUGE poster in front of the building showing Hello Kitty or Thomas or BOB the builder, just so people know they are at the correct place even from a distance away. But anyway, for now, the red rectangle is your best way to identify the theme park. (btw They call it the “Little Red Cube”, but no cube there, it is a rectangle.)

Have fun!


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37 thoughts on “How to go to Hello Kitty Town / Legoland Malaysia from Singapore via Tuas

  1. Hi! I enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your blog. Felt more excited :-) Looking forward to our trip. By the way, since I will be going to Legoland by coach are there any taxis/cab from legoland to hello kitty town? I am planning of taking a side trip to HK. I hope you can help me..thanks!

    • Hmm.. I am not sure whether there is any coaches/buses that go from Legoland to Hello Kitty Town, haven’t heard of that. Sorry can’t be of any help there. But I think it will be hard to cover both parks in 1 day. I would recommend you spend at least a full day at Legoland and half a day -1 day at Hello Kitty Town. Have FUN!! :)

  2. Hi there! Thank u so much for the detailed directions to Hello Kitty Town!
    After reading your post made me all excited & want to bring my kiddos there too ;p
    However, if we r driving in, it’ll b our first time. I know it may sound silly, but coming back to singapore do I just follow the directions by ‘reversing’ it?
    Thanks much for your help! :)

    • Yes, it is basically just going back the same direction you came from. If in doubt, just follow the directions back to “TUAS”. The signs are all quite clear, not to worry. :) Have fun!

  3. Im planning to bring 2 year old son this Sat 12 Jan. He loves Bob The Builder and Thomas. Will it be advisable to buy tickets online or just at the counter there?

  4. hey there, can u advise me on how to go to hello kitty town by bus? im from singapore. can take bus from singapore or from jb sentral to hk town? what are the alternatives to go to hk town other than by car? thxx :)

    • I think some tour agencies organise day trips to Hello Kitty Town, and it includes the coach fare plus entrance to HK town tix. Perhaps you want to check that out. If you don’t drive, another alternative is to hire private taxis. They take you from your doorstep to your destination and you won’t need to go down the customs to chop passports.

  5. hi…was searching thru the net for information on Hello Kitty Town…and love your detailed instructions. Planning a day trip there…but for a very active 5 year old…do u think one day is sufficient to cover BOTH Legoland and Kitty town? Or do i need to stay there for one night? We’re Singaporeans but returning from Hong Kong, so we dont get to bring the kids there often. Pls advise? thanks!

    • Hi! I think one day is not enough.. haha. Legoland alone takes one day. If you are going on a weekend, be prepared for some queueing time. Also, it might be too hectic to go both places. Have fun!

  6. what are your recommended hotels nearby legoland/hello kitty land for overnight stay since I’m travelling with children

  7. Hi Jayne, we are group of five….three of my friends will go to legoland & hello kitty for a day trip from singapore by bus, and the other two (including me) will just accompany them without entering those two places, but we plan to explore Johor area! so, need yr advise which interesting places do we have to see and how to get there from Legoland area (return trip)…if possible by bus and the appr. fare please….thanks

    • Hi! Interesting places to see in JB. It depends on what you are keen on. Shopping? Food? There isn’t much to do in JB besides shopping, eating.. haha. If you are into that, then check out the places near Legoland like these – as well as the other links at the end of the post. But you probably need to get a cab from Legoland/Hello Kitty. Also there’s the JPO (factory outlet) in JB worth checking out if you like to shop. Have fun! :)

      • Thanks for yr reply….very helpful & clear! I am interested in going to JPO. If I wanna go there, how far from Legoland? by cab? which one is closer from Legoland….Jusco Aeon or JPO? Please advise, thanks

  8. Hie Jayne, thanks so much for the information to enable us to find the way to Hello Kitty Town. Had a memorable visit there last week and looking forward to visit the place again soon.

  9. HI Jayne,

    Thanks for all the information provided… Was looking high and low for clear directions as this is the first time driving to JB (newbie) .. hahaha …DO you happen to have any directions from Hello Kitty land to Legoland? Cos we are planning a trip (Hello Kitty and Legoland) and a stay at the Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour (Should be just next to Hello Kitty land).

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi there! How to go from HK to Legoland – Actually if you are coming from Tuas, you will “reach” Legoland before HKitty Land. So take note of that “left turn to Legoland” in my directions at instruction #4 so you can trace your way back there. They are only 5 mins’ drive away. Have fun!

  10. Hi Jayne, Thanks for providing the guidance to go from Tuas to Legoland. We are thinking of driving there and stay a night at the new Legoland Hotel. Do you know if the carpark is the same as the one for Legoland Park? Wonder if it is safer to park overnight at the open carpark? Thanks!

    • There is a car park at Legoland hotel. If you are staying there, it is free, if not it costs RM$30. This car park is much much nearer to everything (hotel/park/waterpark), and if you are staying at the hotel, you should definitely park there instead of the open carpark at the theme park.

  11. Hi, we are doing a drive in to hello kitty town, putting up at traders hotel which is right beside it. At pt 8, when we see the guard house, do we turn into that small road? Or do we drive past it?