Restaurants Near Legoland Malaysia – Part 3 – Seafood Tse Char

Singaporeans love to eat Seafood Tse Char.

There are 2 really cheap and good Tse Char restaurants near Legoland that you can check out. It is very near the rows of restaurants at Jalan Bestari in Part 2 of the Restaurants Near Legoland Guide and less than 10 minutes’ drive from Legoland.


For this guide, I am assuming you are coming from Legoland.

After exiting Legoland, follow the sign back to “Kota Iskandar“. You will get to the big roundabout at Medini. You will need to make a 3/4 round to exit at “Pusat Banaraya“.

restaurants near legoland

This is the sign you will see at the roundabout -

restaurants near legoland

Once you exit that, you will see Legoland on the opposite side of the road.

restaurants near legoland

Keep going for about 1-2 minutes and you will see “HORIZON HILLS” on your left. That means you are on the right track!

restaurants near legoland

 Keep going straight and only exit at Tmn Bukit Indah, which you will arrive at in 4-5mins.
restaurants near legoland malaysia
Along your exit, you will see this sign which will prompt you to turn left at Tmn Bukit Indah. Turn left.
restaurants near legoland malaysia
After you turn, keep left. You will need to make a LEFT turn at the 2nd traffic lights. This is what you will see on your left corner where you turn.
Restaurants near Legoland Malaysia
After you turn, you will need to immediately make another left turn into Jalan Indah 16/4.
Restaurants near Legoland Malaysia
Then just go straight. You will pass by a Car Wash on your left (which, btw is very cheap at $8 ringgit for a sedan, manual wash both inside and outside) before you reach the Tse Char stores ahead.
Restaurants near Legoland Malaysia
This is the first restaurant you will see on your left -
Restaurants near Legoland Malaysia
And this is the one we usually eat at – 福生 – the one further away around the corner -
Restaurants Near Legoland Malaysia
Restaurants Near Legoland Malaysia
We like it coz’ despite the crowd, the food comes very fast, and there is also a Satay store so I get to eat both Chinese and Satay.
But having tried both, I personally think both restaurants are just as good. At least, I can’t tell the difference. And in case you were wondering, both restaurants are equipped with high chairs and provide entertainment for the kids by way of frogs and fish and crabs in tanks.
We usually have no trouble finding parking, even though it is good to be extra careful driving along this road coz it’s narrow and often crowded with cars.
Opening Hours
By the way, these Tse Char stores don’t open in the morning. They only open in the evenings for dinner. What they have in the mornings are hawker style individual stores that sell Char Kway Tiao, wanton noodles etc.
Car Wash
We usually send our car for a wash while we have our dinner. Don’t expect too much for $8-12 ringgit though. You get a decent car wash while you eat and that’s it.
Milk Powder
P.S. There is also a shop along the row of shophouses facing Tesco, right where you turned into Jalan Indah 16/4. This shop is the place to go for milk powder. I get a 1.7kg  Enfagrow for $101.90 ringgit. You go figure how much cheaper it is than to buy in Singapore. (And for fellow aunties – they also sell the best honey dates.)
Milk Powder in Johor
Actually, there are lots of other restaurants in this area. If you like, drive around and check out the different restaurants. There is a bakery in the area which I love, another one that sells nothing but beef noodles (beef brisket, beef balls, beef lean meat etc), yet another one which has the best soy beancurd I have ever tried, and many more…
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