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Why You should live in a Landed Property

Updated: Aug 10

I had an interesting conversation with a friend over Chinese New Year. A mother of 3 like me, she stays in a condo, and although her finances allow her to move into a bigger property, she is hesitant because of the "hassle" of living in a landed property, e.g. home repairs, maintenance etc.

While there is some truth to it, personally I feel that landed living's pros far outweigh its cons, especially for families with children.

If resources allow, we should not be afraid to pursue it!

Singapore is a little red dot with a population of almost 6 million. The population density in Singapore is 8,358 per km square, which means in every kilometer square, there are 8,358 people. We are among the world's highest densely populated nation.

In 2020, there are around 327K condominiums and private apartment units and 1.08 million Housing Development Board (HDB) apartment units in Singapore. But did you know there were only around 68K landed properties in Singapore*?

With a country as small as Singapore, residential apartments need to get taller and units get smaller to accommodate the growing population and limited space. But no matter how much taller and smaller apartment units get, landed properties remain low in density and continue to enjoy the many advantages of being in a class of its own.

Let's dive right into the pros of landed living!

Why you should live in a landed property

Quiet and Tranquil

The landed property enclaves are usually located slightly deeper into the private estates, hence it is generally much quieter and away from the hustle and bustle. The bigger space between each home will also reduce the noise disturbances from neighbours. This advantage of tranquility is further enhanced if the property is a semi-D (only1 joining wall), or a detached house (stand alone) or Good Class bungalows which are surrounded by at least 50-60% of plot size respectively of greenery in between plots of land.

My daughter plays the violin at the diploma level. Sometimes she requires rehearsals at home with the pianist for various competitions and recordings. When she had to play virtuosic pieces, I would be worried of getting complains from my neighbours. When we were staying in a condominium previously, a little cough or conversation can be heard very clearly by the window, let alone violin and piano! Those are times when I'm very glad we have the luxury of staying in a landed property where the space cushions out the sound by a lot. And of course, I have wonderful neighbours!


Once your gate is closed, nobody can see much beyond your living space. There is also no lift landing or common corridors where everyone on the same level needs to walk past your unit to get in and out of home. Which means, nobody would notice that you ordered KFC for the 3rd time this week (too lazy to cook!), and your neighbour won't overhear you nagging your kid for being on the screen for too long! For someone who is big on privacy, this is a big deal.

Space within home

Space is, of course, one of the biggest plus of living in a landed property. While I strongly believe families need to spend time together to cultivate closeness, sometimes we all need some me-time and private space away from others.

I learnt this the hard way. Sufficient space between siblings at home can really prevent world war 3. Just kidding, but not totally! We all know how family members can get into one another's nerves sometimes, made worse by space constraints at home when we have to share a dresser or the bathroom. With more space within home, everyone gets his/her own piece of privacy.

When the children sleep at night, I don't have to lower the volume when I'm binging on Netflix. If you are lucky, nobody needs to share the bathroom or complain about someone else leaving behind a mess.

During the covid lockdown in 2020, the amount of space we had at home was most deeply felt. My friend recounted how her children had to do home-based learning on the laptops, and she had to do her own job while supervising her kids. Imagine 4 laptops spread on the dining table with books strewn all over. Come lunch time, there was no space to eat until everyone cleared their stuff, which meant more nagging. It was not easy to say the least.

On the contrary, we were very blessed to have a comfortable space during the lockdown. We managed to even fit in daily family workouts at our roof terrace, all 5 of us plus our dog. So while the rest of Singapore emerged 2-3kg heavier after the lockdown, we managed to stay fit with our regular exercises! That's a win!

Garden/Yard/Roof Top

If you love entertaining, having an outdoor area to your home will open up so many new ideas to your parties. Instead of a sit down dinner, you can also include an outdoor BBQ. Guests have more space to move around with their drinks and mingle with one another. Young children also have more room to run around, we certainly can't expect them to stay seated for long stretches of time! If space permits, a swimming pool will also provide endless fun for everyone.

One of my children's favourite activities in the garden when they were young was sand/water play. I bought a turtle shaped sand and water pit and filled it up with clean play sand. Almost everyday my children spent the afternoons in the garden with total unstructured play. And when they were all dirty and it was time to wrap up for the day, I'd simply hose them down and that would be another play opportunity for them.

Now that my kids are older, we no longer have water play like these. Instead, we use one part of our roof terrace to grow our own vegetables in containers. 100% organic and pesticide free! Every 2-3 weeks we harvest fresh nai bai, xiao bai cai, kang kong, and various herbs available for cooking anytime. It is very satisfying to grow our own food.

One more perk of staying in a landed property - your home is your own playground! My brother has 2 pre-school kids, and he said every weekend he'd be racking his brains on where to bring them to entertain them so they will get very tired and sleep early! I think most parents would understand what he means. Often he'd bring his kids over to my place coz' their current favourite activity is actually climbing staircases. 😄

Freedom to Design

When you own a landed property, you hold the title to the land. What it means is you have full control over the interior AND exterior of your property, but of course subject to BCA's envelope control and approvals. But for most aesthetic stuff, you are free to do what you like! You can choose a unique design for your gate, paint your facade walls green if you like, or install grilles on the 2nd storey windows, etc without the need to apply for approval from the MCST like you would have to if you stay in a condominium.

This landed owner placed a 6m God of Wealth statue on the 2nd floor of his property, overlooking the entire estate and blessing everyone in the neighbourhood! Yes, you can do something like that, because it is your own property. You call the shots!

I'm sure you have heard of stories in previous years where residents of condo have to fight for their rights to install window grilles. While it is a must-have for families with little kids and definitely a no-brainer for approval, some MCSTs had actually tried to ban the installation. It was shocking that aesthetics was placed above safety! And it is not just the window grilles. Basically, condo residents need to attain approval whenever they want to do anything that affects the consistency of the appearance and facade of the condo, e.g. installation of a trellis, the colour of the window blinds, sometimes even the hanging of laundry at your patio! You definitely will not encounter problems like these when staying in a landed.


Singaporeans love our cars. Since most landed properties have a car porch, finding parking spot is never an issue. You park and you are already home, don't even need to walk a distance or take the lift at all. You can also wash the car without having to wait till the car washing bay is empty, and you can take as long as you want. We know Singaporeans love their cars a bunch, so you can take as much time to give your car the TLC without any stare from anyone! (except perhaps your wife! 😜

To sum it up, landed living is enjoyable and a blessing. If resources permit, set landed living as a goal for a quality lifestyle. Landed property is also a good investment Be sure to explore this residential segment for your property wealth management.

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*Source - Statista.com